Shatavari Capsules

Rs : 2,999.00


    • Promote Cardiovascular Health.
    • Decrease The Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes And Improve Blood Sugar Regulation.
    • Neutralize The Buildup Of Free Radicals (Oxidative Stress).
    • Promote Youth And Vitality By Reversing Cellular Damage.
    • Enhance Brain Function.


Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. It’s a member of the asparagus family. It’s also an adaptogenic herb. Shatavari roots extract, contains active levels of Saponins which has adaptogenic, galactagogue, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac & antioxidant properties. Shatavari also known as female health tonic, which may be helpful in all stages of womanhood.