Tribulus Gokhru Capsules

Rs : 5,999.00


    • Enhances Libido.
    • Acts As A Natural Diuretic.
    • Relieves Inflammation.
    • Lowers Blood Sugar.
    • Improves Heart Health
    • Helps To Fight Cancer.


Tribulus Gokhru, also known as the goathead weed, bindii and puncture vine, is a plant that belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family. The fruits are used in herbal medicine. They are collected when they are mature and dried for later use in decoction. The main active ingredients of tribulus is believed to be kaempferol, kaempferol 3-glucoside, kaempferol 3-rutinoside, tribulosin and harmine.It also contains active compounds called steroidal saponins which are mainly found in the leaf of the plant.