Hibiscus Extract

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    Product Name: Hibiscus Extract   

    Botanical name of Hibiscus Extract  – Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

    Strandard for : upto 20% 

Botanical name of Hibiscus Extract  – Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis                 
Members of the Hibiscus genus have long been loved by humans. It’s estimated that people have been growing Hibiscus sabdariffa for about 6,000 years! Hibiscus probably originated in northern Africa but, since it has been tended for so long, it now grows throughout the tropical and subtropical world and it is impossible to definitively know its origins. It has been used as food and medicine in India for thousands of years.

Uses and Health Benefits:

  • • Remove dandruff and stimulate hair growth.

  • • Maintain healthy body temperatures

  • • Boost the effectiveness of vitamin C absorbtion.

  • • Help support memory and concentration.

  • • Aid in weight control challenges & May aid in alleviating problems with indigestion.

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