Guggul Extract

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    Product Name: Guggul Extract   

    Botanical name of Guggul Extract: –Commiphora wightii

    Strandard for : upto 10% 

Guggul is the common name for the flowering Mukul myrrh tree. Guggul also refers to the resin formed from the sap of the guggul tree, which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over two thousand years. Guggul is known by the Sanskrit name “Guggulu,” which means, “protects from disease” and because Banyan tends to offer herbs according to their Sanskrit names, Guggul is offered as Guggulu.

Uses and Health Benefits:

  • • Acts as a strong anti-oxidant and helpful in mental disorders, skin disorders & cardiovascular diseases

  • • Lowers the inflammation in the coronary artery diseases.

  • • It is an effective antidepressant and reduces stress and anxiety &possess antibacterial, antiseptic & detoxyfying properties

  • • Cures arthiritis & asthama.

  • • Enhances immune system .

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