Sexual health is essential to a relationship. Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. Sexual inadequacies lead to conflicts in a relationship, although communication is a way and helps in solving unresolved issues, communication is a stop-gap arrangement.

Sexual health is more than avoiding diseases and unplanned pregnancies. It’s also about recognizing that healthy sex can be an important part of your life. For this, we need to have a healthy body too. Having a healthy body including physical strength can be achieved by walk, exercise, and nutrition. Being emotionally healthy is also a requirement to build this aspect of life. Yet if the person has no common ailments nutritionally and emotionally then it is pointing towards weak sexual health.

Health Benefits of Sex

•    It lowers the blood pressure

•    Helps to burn calories

•    It increases the heart health

•    It decreases the risk of heart diseases, and stroke

•    It reduces stress

•    It can help in stopping headaches

•    It helps you sleep

•    It makes you happier

•    Improves fertility

Ways to be Sexually Healthy

A few lifestyle changes can help in improving sexual performance

•    Regular exercise helps improve sex life. It increases the levels of hormones as well as endorphins, which help women feel better. It keeps the heart rate in shape.

•    Get rid of bad habits like excessive smoking or drinking. It could affect sexual performance.

•    Paying attention to your partner’s desires help in understanding each other better, resulting in better sex.

•    Maintaining a healthy weight keeps us away from various sexual problems. It also prevents diseases related to erectile dysfunction. It also helps one feel good about our body and enjoy our sexuality.

•    Herbs at help

Herbs and supplements help in improving your sex life without any side effects. They increase the libido and support the reproductive as well as the nervous system. Many of the herbs and natural substances have been scientifically shown to boost testosterone levels, improve the sperm quality and therefore help treat the male fertility.

Some have even been proved to be distinctly aphrodisiac.

Maca Root Herbal Capsule

Maca root helps to boost energy and enhance sex drive. Maca root is very beneficial for women as it cures hormonal problems. It aids in sexual health and well being of women.

Ginseng Herbal Capsule     

Ginseng helps to increase sperm quality in men and supports infertility. It may also reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Horny Goat Herbal Capsule   

This herb helps to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction. It works to increase your sex drive. It is believed that Horny Goat herb increases testosterone production.

Tongkat Ali Herbal Capsule

Tongkat Ali is a herb which helps to boost testosterone levels. It has been used as a natural male enhancement herb. It improves sperm quality and helps treat male fertility issues.

Milk Thistle Herbal Capsule

Milk thistle helps in reducing the negative impacts of testosterone. One of the Impacts of it is acne which milk thistle helps to reduce.

•    Vitamin Supplements for Sexual Health


Iron deficiency might decrease your libido which results in decreasing sexual desire, lubrication, and orgasm.

Vitamin B3

It improves erectile function especially in men with cholesterol. It also helps to make the sex hormone

Vitamin A

It is essential in producing sex hormone in both male and female. It is important for sperm production too 

Vitamin E

It is called a ‘Sex vitamin’ because it increases blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia. It is important for Stamina and energy.

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