‘We are not what we eat, we become what we digest’.

Healthy digestion is the key to having great overall health. In Ayurveda, it is said that our health depends majorly on the way we digest everything from around us, which not only includes food and drink but also experiences and emotions. These experiences and emotions we take in via our sense organs. Ayurveda calls the digestive ability as ‘Agni’, If Agni is strong, then strong health tissues would be made in the body, the waste would be eliminated and Ojas, which means strength will be produced.  

On the other hand, if our Agni is not strong due to improper eating, lack of activity and negative emotional energy or unhealthy daily routine, our digestion is hampered and toxins are produced which are stored in the body. According to Ayurveda, this toxic waste is known as “Ama”, which is the root cause of diseases. 

How to improve Digestion by changing in Daily Lifestyle:


A 15-minute walk after every meal helps control sugar spikes after eating. Post meal walks prove to be more effective than taking a longer 45-minute walk once daily. 

Eat Plenty of Fiber

A high-fiber diet reduces the risk of digestive conditions. It helps in the uses of herbal medicine. Prebiotics are another type of fiber that feeds our healthy gut bacteria. Diets high in this fiber have reduced the risk of inflammatory bowel conditions.

Stay Hydrated

Intake of less fluid is a common cause of decreasing the digestion in humans thus leading to constipation. Increase your water intake and drink non-caffeinated beverages.  Also eating fruits and vegetables that have high water content helps us to stay hydrated.

Manage Your Stress

If you are in stress, you would feel a loss of appetite or some may even overheat.  Stress impacts your digestion and has been linked to IBS, ulcers, constipation, and diarrhea. Reducing stress can improve digestive health.

Stop Overeating

When we eat more food than our stomach can accommodate, it causes difficulty for the stomach to break it down. We also tend to produce more acid, causing reflux and indigestion. 

Use of Herbal Health Supplements

The Ayurvedic way is the best, safest and long-lasting way to improve human digestive health. It includes using herbal capsules or herbal extracts does wonder to our body.

Herbal Capsules that help in Digestion, are:-

Ginger Herbal Capsule:

Ginger is used as a digestive aid for a long time. It increases Agni or "digestive fire" which helps break down and assimilate the food comfortably.  

Milk Thistle Herbal Capsule:

Milk Thistle has been used in Western herbal medicine to support digestion. It helps in digestion where the liver is involved, as the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Triphala Herbal Capsule:

Triphala is a natural antioxidant which assists in natural internal cleansing. It supports nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues thus supporting healthy digestion and absorption. Triphala is said to kindle the digestive fire which helps to improve digestion, allowing us to get the most nutrition from our dietary intake.1

Rosemary Herbal Capsule:

Rosemary helps relieve gastrointestinal issues. This includes excessive gas and bloating. It has a calming effect on the stomach and reduces any overactive digestion activity.